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You have reached the web’s number one resource for finding Volkswagen Type 181 (known as the VW Thing in the United States and Canada) vehicles for sale. We are a content aggregator that pulls listings from classifieds sites such as Craigslist, eBay Motors, Auto Trader Classics and more. We also feature a direct post seller resource which allows owners to offer their VW Thing For Sale directly on this website.

On top of providing a comprehensive classifieds section separated by country (USA & Canada) and further by state along with by model year (1973 & 1974) we provide resources on where to find VW Thing Parts and restoration information. You can also learn more about the Volkswagen Type 181 background, history, various nameplates, specifications, technical data, features and other relevant information on our History page.

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VWThingClassifieds.com has been designed as the top place on the internet to find all types of VW Thing vehicles for sale. This includes original project, restored and heavily modified versions of the classic automobile. Additionally, it is the aim of this site to provide relevant information about the VW Thing including places to find parts, restoration information, specifications and technical data. As demand dictates it more material will be added.


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