1974 Scottsdale AZ
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1974 Resto in Scottsdale, AZ

by ThingAds in Arizona 0

1974 VW Thing Arizona Rust free completely restored VW Thing! Powered by a 1641 dual port motor all new parts less then 100 miles. Complete body work , and paint done in factory Blizzard White [...]
1979 Argyle TX
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1979 4-Speed Manual in Argyle, TX

by ThingAds in Dallas / Fort Worth 0

1979 Volkswagen Thing This beautiful Volkswagen Type 181 (AKA “Thing”) has been fully restored with amazing attention to detail. The classic baby blue paint adds to this car’s charm and turns heads. It’s clean, complete, [...]

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1974 Mineral Wells TX

1974 in Mineral Wells, TX

Dallas / Fort Worth

1974 VW Thing Rust Free! Very Clean  New master cylinder, Brake shoes, wheel cylinders, tires, intake manifold and carburetor. Needs a new convertible top and latches.

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1973 Troy MO

1973 4spd Manual in Troy, MO


See link: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-volkswagen-thing-90/ 1973 Volkswagen Thing Chassis: 1833022598 67k Miles Shown, TMU 1,600cc Flat-Four 4-Speed Manual Transaxle Orange Paint Black Soft Top 14″ Steel Wheels w/Hubcaps Removable Doors & Side Curtains Folding Windshield Black Vinyl Upholstery

1974 Prescott AZ

1974 Custom in Prescott, AZ


1974 Custom 2-door Thing. Body is very solid. 99% rust free. The body still needs a lot of love to be perfect. Installed a lowered adjustable beam and disc brakes. Lowered the rear. New windshield, […]

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