1974 Acapulco Edition Project in Eagle Creek, OR


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Asking Price: $4,600

1974 eagle creek or

Key Facts

  • Model Year: 1974
  • Odometer: 88,000
  • City/Area: Eagle Creek
  • State/Region: Oregon

Seller Information

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact Name: Expired
  • Phone: Expired
  • Email: Expired

Message & Pictures

For Sale Cash Only!

I have one 05/1974 Volkswagen type 181 real deal Acapulco Edition. This special edition thing was only made for two months in 1974, MAY and JULY ONLY! This is a May built VW and checks every box on being an authentic Acapulco Edition. This Thing is also on the Acapulco Online registry as well and is in fact the earliest registered Acapulco on the site with the last 4 of the vin ending in 1999 the next earliest one on the registry vin ends in 2004. This was a very exciting car to find and it will be a very exciting car for someone to restore.. at this point if you don’t know what an Acapulco is look it up do some research. One just sold on bringatrailer.com for a little over 35k obviously it’s redone/original but 35k Is very impressive and these “things” are getting harder to find these days and to have a chance to buy a special edition one its even that more harder to come by theses days. This could be a once in a life time chance for someone to own/restore one.

Yes this Volkswagen is a project. But most or hard to find parts are still there and intact. The car has rust but actually it’s pretty minimal as far as VW’s go this car was rescued out of Roseburg the climate is much dryer down there. The pan is very solid and so is the rear package tray. The doors are solid the windshield frame is solid the hard to find wiper motor is still there. The fiber glass hard top is an original VW one and glass is in good shape worth $1500-2000 just by itself. The running boards are Original Acapulco only and are probably near impossible to find. I can go on but I think you get the point. If your serious buyer got ahold of me I don’t have time for tire kickers I buy and sell a lot of aircooled VW’s please don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours. $4600 make me a serious offer worst I can say is no.

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